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Occupation in Humanitarian Clothing, more

The United Nations estimates 2 million Haitians are starving. As of
Satuday only 200,000 have gotten food aid. Just 10 %. I'd send you
data on US food and medical aid, but have not seen postings similar
to the above statistic or what's below. Please send me some.

I just got notice of my kind of musical benifit for Haiti, this Sunday.
Check it out, at the bottom -Ed

From: Carina Soto Aguero
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 2:25 PM
Subject: courtesy of the ICC

Google translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann.

Useful information about Cuban medical cooperation in Haiti

January 22, 2010

They are currently providing medical care in Haiti 417 Cuban health
collaborators. They have added 240 residents, interns, and Haitian
students of 5th year medical career who were being trained in Cuba.

Through January 22, 20,095 patients had been treated and 1,954 surgeries

Cuban doctors are working in 21 care points organized into 3 levels:

- City of Port au Prince: The Renaissence Hospital, Hospital La Paz, Ofatma
Hospital and Primary Care Traveling Brigade.

- Capital and Periphery: Leoganne Field Hospital, Arcahaie Island Lagonave,
Carrefourt, Integral Diagnostic Centers Grand Goave, Petit Goave and

- Other departments: Jacmel Field Hospital, Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers
Mirebalais, Anse-a-Veau, Raboteau and Aquin, Les Cayes, Cap Haitien, Port de
Paix, Grand Anse and Nippes

Cuba has put into operation in Haiti 14 operating rooms with 16 surgical

Alongside the Cuban personnel are working more than 100 specialists from
several countries (Venezuela, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Canada) and 17
nuns, most of them in the Hospital de la Paz.


From: "Sid Shniad" <>

25 Jan 2010

*Haiti earthquake: Italian disaster expert attacks US response*

Guido Bertolaso, Italy's top disaster expert, has attack the US response to
the Haiti earthquake, criticising its lack of organisation and the reliance
on soldiers with no training in humanitarian operations.

Mr Bertolaso, head of Italy's civil protection service who received
international acclaim for his handling of an L'Aquila earthquake last April,
described the response as "a pathetic situation which could have been much
better organised".

Mr Bertolaso, who arrived in Haiti on Friday, told Italy's RAI state
television that Washington had made "a show of force", but military officers
co-ordinating the emergency had no links with the humanitarian groups in the
Caribbean island state.

"We are missing a leader, a co-ordination capacity that goes beyond military
discipline," said Mr Bertolaso, who holds the rank of a government minister,
late on Sunday.

"The Americans are extraordinary, but when you are facing a situation in
chaos, they tend to confuse military intervention with emergency aid, which
cannot be entrusted to the armed forces."

A contingent of 13,000 US troops and marines is helping relief efforts after
the Jan. 12, 7.1-magnitude quake, which has killed at least 150,000 and
possibly twice that and left up to 3 million hurt and homeless.

Silvio Berlusconi's centre-Right Italian government, which has tried to
foster close ties with Washington, was quick to distance itself from the

"Bertolaso ... has attacked American and international organisations head
on. The Italian government does not share these statements," said Franco
Frattini, the foreign minister, during a visit to Washington.

*Occupation in Humanitarian Clothing*

by Jesse Hagopian 24, 2010

Everything you need to know about the U.S. aid effort to assist Haiti in the
wake of the catastrophic earthquake can be summed up by Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton's touchdown in Port-Au-Prince on Saturday, January 16: they
shut down the airport for three hours surrounding her arrival for "security"
reasons, which meant that no aid flights could come in during those critical

If there was one day when the Haitian people needed aid to flow all day
long, last Saturday was it because the people trapped under the rubble on
Tuesday evening couldn't survive much beyond that without water.

Defenders of Clinton will say that her disimpassioned, monotone, photo-op
speech was needed in Haiti to draw attention to the plight of the Haitians.
But no one north of hell can defend her next move: according to airport
personnel that I spoke to during my recent evacuation from Haiti, she
paralyzed the airport later that same day to have a new outfit flown in from
the Dominican Republic. I am having a hard time readjusting to life back
home after having survived the earthquake and witnessing so much death, so
even typing those words is making my heart pound uncontrollably.

I guess for America's rulers a new pantsuit is more valuable than the lives
of poor, Black Haitians.

Unfortunately, Clinton's model of diverting and delaying critical aid to the
Haitian people, while emphasizing security, has become standard operating

Alain Joyandet, the French minister responsible for humanitarian relief in
Haiti, charged the U.S. with treating this as a military operation rather
than an aid mission. Mr. Joyandet told the Daily Telegraph he had been
involved in an argument with a U.S. commander in the airport's control tower
over the flight plan for a French evacuation flight, saying, "This is about
helping Haiti, not about occupying Haiti."

But with the U.S. occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, and funding the Israeli
occupation of Palestine, it seems our government knows how to do little else
when it comes to international affairs.

The day I left the Toussaint L'Ouverture International Airport I saw lots of
crates of food, water and medical supplies piled on the tarmac. But I
didn't see that aid being transported out of the airport to actually be used
by Haitians. Undoubtedly, there has been some aid distributed, but because
there was no serious effort to disperse that aid in the first four days
after the quake, tens of thousands of people trapped under rubble have died
needlessly because they couldn't get a sip of water.

The Geneva-based organization Doctors Without Borders has been turned away
from the airport numerous times to allow U.S. troops to land. A ring of
U.S. war ships surround Haiti to make sure that Haitians don't escape the
disaster and try to get to the United States. The U.S. has taken control of
Haiti's main airport and seaport, and is in the process of deploying 18,000
U.S. troops to bolster the 9,000 UN troops already occupying the island
nation--and as an eyewitness I can tell you those troops are guarding their
own compounds rather than distributing aid.

The Obama administration will try to dress up their ambition to occupy and
pillage Haiti in a humanitarian evening gown. But clothing is in short
supply in Haiti and we can't afford to waste it.

As a man from Leogane, Haiti, told Democracy Now,

"Myself, if you look at me, I don't have shoes, and I don't have food. Even
my shoes, if you look at them, you see. I need clothes. We need everything.
Even medicines, we need."

Jesse Hagopian, a teacher from Seattle, was in Haiti with his wife (who
works on HIV education in the country) and one-year-old son when the
earthquake hit. Jesse can be contacted at:


From: Boulevard Music

Concert for Haiti

Culver-Palms United Methodist Church
4464 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City

Sunday, January 31st, 2-6 pm
Be there. Be hope.
Here's the final lineup, with a few added words:

All acoustic!
Laurence Juber (Grammy winning guitarist form Paul McCartney's Wings),
Amilia K. Spicer, Brad Colerick, Robby Longley, Freebo (Bonnie Raitt Band),
Lisa Turner, Robert Morgan Fisher, Dave Morrison Band, Blues legend Bernie
Pearl with Mike Barry, Susie Glaze & Hilonesome (award-winning bluegrass
band), Severin Browne, Duane Thorin, Michael Richards & Doctor Fun from
blues band Wumbloozo, James Lee Stanley, Dale LaDuke, Kara Grainger, Tracy
Newman, Dafni, Paul Lacques & Paul Marshall (from I See Hawks in L.A.), Sage
(Dan Brown and Kathy Jarel-Girgis), Tim Tedrow & Terry Vreeland, Matt
Cartsonis (famous film composer), Renaissance (top doo-wop vocal group),
Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin (top fiddle-playing vocalist on music

- - -

From: Bernie Pearl

I have been invited to perform at a "Concert for Haiti" benefit show, this
coming Sunday, January 31, at the Culver-Palms United Methodist Church, 4464
Sepulveda Bl., Culver City 90230. Admission by donation, all proceeds to
Haiti relief. Performances by many artists, TBA. Mike Barry and I will
perform in the early part of the program, before 3:00, which goes from
2:00-6:00. The church has a capacity of 300. Seating on a first-come basis.
I am always reluctant to clutter your mail boxes with promotion, but the
need to assist Haiti earthquake victims, I believe, supercedes other
considerations. Your understanding is appreciated. I hope to see you there,

Click the link for further information.

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