Friday, February 19, 2010

Huffington Post: "SURGE"

I don't have to tell anyone on this list how the president  and congress
wasted the huge approval and energy of the great campaign of 2008.
:Like the shock doctrine of Naomi Klein, the reverse is also true. These
possibilities of desperately needed changes are rare and time-limited,
and that time must be seized.   We've been given an additional moment
to salvage something decent around health care.  It would give heart to
liberal politicians and the unhappy, needful masses of fellow Americans. 
Obama, who took Medicare type healthcare-for-all off the table, is still
playing footsie with the right and paying off his campaign debts to Wall St.
and health industry vampires.  He must be forced to put a decent public
option back on the table, using reconciliation, as described below.  Take
heart and sign this petition.  By far, It's the best we can do, at this moment.
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Edwin -

Yesterday, we added Senators Chuck Schumer (NY) and Barbara Mikulski (MD) to the growing list co-signers on the letter calling for passing a public option using reconciliation, which would keep Republicans from using a procedural trick called the filibuster to block a majority vote.

As of this morning, we have 18 Senators, 119 House Democrats, and over 300,000 Americans who have signed on to endorse this strategy as the way forward for healthcare reform.

One of the biggest driving forces behind Senators signing on is you. Your phone calls are making the difference. Don't stop now. If your senators haven't sign on yet, pick up the phone and call again today.

If your Senators are Republicans or are Democrats who have already signed on, then keep the momentum growing by adding your name as a co-signer to the Senate Public Option Letter too and get the number to call Majority Leader Harry Reid.


MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow each covered our campaign last night. When Rachel Maddow asked Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius directly, if the White House would fight for a public option if the Senate put it in the bill, she answered "Absolutely."


Momentum is on our side. It's up to us to keep up the pressure it will take to get the job done.

Thank you for everything you do,


Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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