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If you or somebody you know is deep in credit card debt..., and A model Letter to the LA Times

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The following articles, columns, and/or editorials are published in today’s LA Times (print edition) or NY Times (web edition). One or more provide an opportunity to write a letter to the editor to enunciate our message of peace.

LA Times: two items today:

--- Chuck Freilich Op-Ed on A13 A fateful choice,0,2807823.story Discusses the pros and cons of Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. Says weight of decision is on Netanyahu alone.

--- Article on web U.N. chief tells Palestinians their state is long overdue Reports urged renewed negotiations saying “the two-state solution can be achieved only through negotiations.”

NY Times: three items today:

--- Israel Warns Iranian Missiles Might Threaten U.S. Reports Moshe Yaalon, minister for strategic affairs, said the explosion at a Revolutionary Guard missile base 3 month ago hit a system “getting ready to produce a missile with a range of 10,000 kilometers.” That is, it was designed to hit the United States.

--- Gaza Protesters Throw Shoes and Sticks at U.N. Chief Reports a few protestors attached Ban Ki-moon saying he was biased towards Israel.

--- U.N. Leader Urges Israelis and Palestinians to Resume Talks Reports Ban Ki-moon urged Israel to stop settlement expansion and offer good-will gesture to Palestinians. Netanyahu rejected advice.

Email your letters to the LA Times , and/or the NY Times , and please send a bcc to me.

Please pass this letter-to-the-editor prompt on to others who might be interested, and invite them to contact me to be added to this mailing list. To be removed from this letter to the editor service, please email me “remove.”

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RE: “A fateful choice" Feb. 2 Op-Ed (for LA Times)

Chuck Freilich’s claim that an Iranian nuclear bomb may be an existential threat to Israel is not convincing. His calculations of war and peace skips over the facts that Iran says it is not now building a bomb, and that if it had a bomb Iran has no delivery systems. And his analysis never mentions that Israel has 200-400 actual nuclear weapons with fully capable delivery systems. This leads to several questions:

1. Why is it acceptable for Israel to have a nuclear arsenal of hundreds of weapons, but a threat to world peace if Iran has just a few bombs.

2. Why doesn’t Israel consider its arsenal of hundreds of nuclear bombs sufficient deterrence to any future Iranian nuclear threat?

Maybe the best way to stop Iran from working for a nuclear weapon is for Israel and the United States to set-up a Middle East nuclear-free zone, and invite Iran to join.

Your name

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Uzi, this will be a gift from heaven for many people.  I assume you've posted this
on Heartcentered Business, etc.  I will send  to family and friends.  Perhaps they will know someone who needs the help.

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Subject: from Uzi... if you or somebody you know is deep in credit card debt

Dear Graduate,


This is a different kind of email. I am recommending something based on my personal experience.


If you or somebody you know is drowning in credit card debt, or is having a tough time with banks and credit card and collection companies, please read this.


Some years back, due to illness and a weak economy, I fell badly behind on my credit card debts. After a few months, the credit card companies and then the collection companies began calling on a weekly basis. Some of the conversations were pleasant, others were downright intimidating. There were times it got quite frightening.


I am very fortunate to know Harvey Warren, author of Drop Debt. His guidance was priceless, and he helped me navigate the entire situation without allowing the banks and collection agencies to intimidate me. He told me what to say, and when I applied his advice then as if by magic the nasty wolves turned into sweet lambs. (Amazing what happens when the financial companies realize they are dealing with an educated consumer who knows his legal rights…)


When my health and financial situation turned around, Harvey gave me guidance on how to settle with the credit card companies for a percentage of the debt.


Of course, all of this lowered my FICO score drastically, so I worked with Lou Rodriguez, one of Harvey’s associates, to clean up my credit score.


I hope that you are not dealing with this kind of situation. However, in the United States of 2012, too many people are. And if you are, knowledge is priceless, not only in terms of money saved but also in terms of peace of mind and sleeping well at night. Feeling threatened or intimidated by financial companies is not fun.


Harvey is now launching two programs. “Drop Debt Help Program” is a no-cost program. It provides you with an ebook that gives you some basic education in this area, and then two videos in the days after you download the ebook. This is all *no-cost* and may be all you need to resolve things.


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Bernard Uzi Weingarten

Communicating with Compassion

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