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Hi. I send this, though I strongly disagree with the implications that there are too many regulations
on refineries and businesses here.  However, it's important information about the refineries leaving
and that drilling for oil in the U.S. means the oil, shale, gas, et al goes to the international market
place, leaving behind devastation of the environment and poisoning residents of communities throughout
vast areas.  Particularly the young and the old.  What a deadly, dishonest farce by our government
and the extractive industries which benefit from the resource.  -Ed

From: Jimmy Walter []

From: Olga Scully []
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012


Exodus of US Oil Refineries:  “The Closure of the U.S. Oil Refinery Industry in the Past 2 Years”: 
The individual who sent this email has worked for Shell for most of his life. 

In 2010, there were 149 operable U.S. refineries with a combined capacity of 17.6 million barrels
(2,800,000 m3) per day.  Something odd started happening in late 2010-early 2011. The US oil
refinery industry quietly announced the closure of numerous US oil refineries.

Many are completely unaware the US ships oil overseas to be processed.  We do so as we do
not have enough refineries to process the vast amounts here, and we are barred from building
anymore refineries. 

All refineries perform three basic steps: separation, conversion, and treatment.  Pretty simple.
Several reasons include technical and economic factors as to why we ship it overseas to be
1. The crude petroleum is sold to the highest bidder, NOT the nearest bidder
2. There are different kinds of crude oil, such as sweet/light and dark/heavy. They have different
applications and uses.
3. Different kinds of refining processes are needed to make different products from the crude oil. 
Petroleum is processed to make lots of products other than gasoline, like plastics and asphalt.
4. Politics, unions and the “environmentalists”

How many of you are aware Sunoco, ConocoPhillips and The HESS Corp are all closing US oil
refineries?  Not many, as the media refuses to give this huge story coverage.  My guess is that
if Americans understood the complete truth as to how we are being sold out, and enslaved
there just might be the much needed revolution to turn this country around.

Last September, both Sunoco & CP announced plant closing, effecting thousands of workers. 
Sunoco announced they are completely getting out of the oil industry.  Closing up shop. 
They are done with the US oil industry.  Sunoco is closing its 2 oil refineries in July 2012 in
Philadelphia and Marcus Hook, Pa.  Those 2 facilities alone process over 500,000 barrels a day.

Also announced last year, ConocoPhillips announced 2 plant closing for sure in Trainer, PA and
Bayway, NJ. The other 3 plants are undecided as of today.  (February 2012…ed)

Conoco also announced they were closing their Alaskan refining facility:;

Valero also announced in late 2011 the closure of US oil refining facilities, costing numerous jobs,
and the loss of 210,000 barrels of oil per day:

Just a week ago, the US 3rd largest oil refinery owned and operated by The HESS Corp just
announced it’s permanent closure.  Costing over 2,000 jobs, and effecting 950 contractors:

Refineries on the East Coast of the US supply 40% of the gasoline sales and 60% of the diesel
and other fuel oils.  Of that, half that comes from the Sunoco & ConocoPhillps plant closures.

When ConocoPhillips announced that it was closing the Trainer refinery, Willie Chiang, then
ConocoPhillips’ Senior Vice President of Refining, Marketing, Transportation and Commercial,
noted that their decision to sell, like Sunoco’s, was based on unfavourable economics caused
by a competitive and difficult market environment characterized by “...product imports, weakness
in motor fuel demand, and costly regulatory requirements.”

They are ALL closing up shop due to government regulations, and excessive operating costs
brought on by the Government regulations.

The excessive, and costly government regulations on the US oil refinery market, has forced
companies to re-evaluate the cost of doing business in the US. 
Why have operations in the US where you bleed money via regulations and demands, when
you can have refineries built in Columbia, Mexico or Brazil for pennies on the dollar, and less
regulations?  It’s all business America...nothing personal.  Besides...your government is
giving BILLIONS to Columbia and Brazil to build refineries to process all that oil
the US is losing.

We are building up every country on earth, while destroying our own... all in the
name of redistribution of wealth.

Some of these “deals” were linked in my previous note:!/note.php?note

You do the math.  When the US oil refineries finally close up shop, who will process all that oil...
and how much do YOU think that oil will cost when it’s ALL processed overseas?
Think gas and energy costs are high right now... wait 6 months.  You haven’t seen anything yet. 
How can anyone expect any company to do business with an anti-American, hostile government
out of control?  You can’t.  That is why we are seeing a mass exodus, across the board in every
industry in the US.

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