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PDLA JUNE 8 PRIMARY RECOMMENDATIONS, Marcy's youngest phone banker



Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles -- ENDORSEMENTS in June 8 Primary:

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Congressional District 36: Marcy Winograd

Marcy's our candidate. Running against blue dog Jane Harman in the coastal district that runs south from Venice to San Pedro. She's with us on all of the progressive issues-- peace, single payer, green economy, jobs. A member of UTLA and English teacher at Crenshaw HS, Marcy was a co-founder of PDLA and has been a strong activist ALL of her life. We need her in this Congress. Volunteer and help her win (calls can be made directly from home--go to her website to sign up) and go to her HEADQUARTERS: 13432 Maxella Ave #C-16, Marina Del Rey. For updates: her website THIS WEEKEND, the CONCERT:


Assembly Races:

41st AD -- Julia Brownley, the incumbent who chairs the Education Committee. Good ally on most issues, accessible. PDLA-endorsed candidate when first elected.

53rd AD -- Peter Thottam, former head of the Impeach Bush/Cheney Center in LA. THE "progressive" who IS a progressive in this race. Noted for having a spine.

37th AD -- Ferial Masry -- endorsed by the Ventura PDA chapter AND by PDLA

50th CD -- Tracey Emblem -- endorsed by PDA national and PD Orange County chapter



Governor -- Peter Schurman has dropped out of the race this week, endorsed Jerry Brown, and asked this supporters to do so also.


Lt Gov -- Gavin Newsom. Without a doubt one of the mayors who has made a serious positive difference in San Francisco. Time for a promotion so he can do it statewide.

Named the "Greenest Mayor" for all of his work to convert SF into a serious center for the environment. LOVED by those of us who organized for Single Payer since San Francisco HAS HEALTHCARE FOR ALL when no one else in CA does. Had a 50+% plurality of endorsement votes at the recent CDP convention in the heart of his opponent's area.

Follow him on: his posts on the Huffington Post.

Endorsed by the LA Times, SF Chronicle and Sacramento Bee.


Attorney General -- Pedro Nava. Strongly opposed to the privatization of prisons, Pedro has experience in the DA role in both civil and criminal law. As a Coastal Commission member, he fought against the expansion of oil drilling off Santa Barbara, his home.


Controller -- John Chiang. We love him. He's had the spine to stand up to Arnold during the worst of times (when Arnold's been gov, that is). Incumbent.


Secretary of State -- Debra Bowen. Another incumbent who has done her job well.


Insurance Commissioner -- Dave Jones. Present chair of Assembly's Insurance Committee, he's taken Blue Cross to the mat in hard hitting hearings about their egregious premium raising practices. Named "2008 Consumer Champion" by the California Consumer Federation. Harvard educated attorney, he first worked in legal aid. Passed an impressive 70 bills in his six years in the Assembly (and even had Arnold sign). STRONGEST advocate for Single Payer healthcare and SB840.
Superintendent of Public Instruction- Tom Torlakson -- By far the best choice, he's been endorsed by all the major teacher organizations (not always a plus, but this time it is). He WAS a teacher and has a good understanding of the challenges in education.
Superior Court Judge, Office #28 -- Randy Hammock -- also endorsed by the Los Angeles Times (along with Tony De Los Rios), Randy has come to numerous progressive forums and has impressed many who attended.  Check out his website for more qualifications.


INITIATIVES--probably the most important votes in every election as well as the least understood and the most propagandized by the advocates for each.

Prop 13--NO  This one gives those who do seizmic retrofits of older buildings a tax benefit that COULD be perpetual. Present law gives them a 15 year tax break. Primarily will benefit commercial owners and decrease the tax base -- so, less taxes. Proposed by a Republican, naturally.


Prop 14--NO  Forced onto the State Legislature last year by Abel Maldonado (now our place-holding lt gov for a few months) in order to balance the budget, this is a TOP TWO primary-- not an "open primary" as billed. Result? In the heavily gerrymandered districts (as in, ALL of them), the top two will either be two Democrats or two Republicans. For the Dems this means spending A LOT of money fighting each other, first in the primary, and THEN in the general election. What fun!! And what MONEY!! The outcome will have the Republicans in the district joining with the more conservative of the Dems in the race and precluding any possibility that a progressive Democrat might ever emerge the winner.


Prop 15--YES  Called the reform that will make all other reforms possible, 15 (Fair Elections) is a tiny step toward public financing of elections. It will REPEAL the prohibition against public financing put into the state constitution by Prop 73 in 1988. Financing applies ONLY to the Secretary of State's election for four years. Considered a trial run to see if it works as well here as it has in both Ariz and Maine. Paid for by fees on lobbyists and a voluntary check-off contribution from taxpayers. Formerly called "Clean Money."

For more info:


Prop 16--NO  Right to Vote Act??? Actually, PG&E's RIGHT TO MONOPOLY ACT. Corporate greed at its worst, PG&E is spending a fortune convincing voters to vote against their best interest-- publicly held utilities. If past is prologue, this will pass because so many voters do NOT read the fine print or do their homework on these initiatives. PG&E has been saturating the airwaves for the last few months and spending over $36 million to protect their present monopolitic practices in the areas they service. Wouldn't it be great if Californians finally stuck it to these propagandists and voted AGAINST it!!!


Prop 17--NO  Another story of corporate greed brought to you by Mercury Insurance. Prop 103 set factors for regulation of auto insurance and excludes previous lack of insurance as a factor. This would make it one. Meaning, miss a payment by a few days, and you'll be socked with a HUGE increase. Meaning, go out of the state or country, not have insurance during that time, and come back to a HUGE increase. Mercury profits. That's their reason for paying for this one to go onto the ballot. Just say "no."


NO --Parcel Tax for LA-- It would place a parcel tax of $100 per year for four years on each property regardless of size or value. Put on the ballot to benefit LAUSD, they promise to spend it on classrooms. This will depend much on your perspective on education, our schools, teachers, classroom size, and your view of LAUSD's stewardship of their budget and existing revenues. The majority felt that LAUSD does NOT manage their money and priorities well, and that this is another regressive tax that will unfairly hit the single family home owner who has just absorbed FOUR LAUSD bond issues in the last years. 



Ended May 24 for this election.

To vote by mail, you must submit a written request 7 days in advance of the election, so if there is any chance that you will be out of town or unable to get to the polls, please plan ahead now. As always, a vote AT THE POLLING PLACE is the best way to make sure that your vote is counted properly.


Written by--

Linda Sutton

PDLA Co-Chair and Endorsements Committee Co-Chair

41st AD Delegate, CDP Rules Committee

UTLA, PACE Committee; Human Rights Committee House of Reps

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PDA Calif and OC Core,

It's crunch time, one week left.  This is no doubt the fight of PDA's life to date.  Please contact Bill Lackemacher to get on the Virtual Phonebank today.

This is the last week!  If you don't have your log in to make calls e-mail or go to the office on Maxella east of Lincoln, or come to my office and I will set you up with one of our log ins to show you how it works.  We are at 5348 Topanga Canyon Boulevard,#203,  south of Ventura.  Park in the back on Costanso.  Or call me at 818-226-6100.  We will be open Thursday night from 5:30-8:30PM, Saturday from 12-8PM and Monday night same as Thursday.  Marcy will go to Congress IF YOU WANT IT!!! Do you want it enough to make the calls???

Subject: Marcy's youngest phone banker

Zoe Lackemacher hits the phones today.  She's made 60 calls so far.  The #1 PDA caller so far.  It's time for them to step up to the challenge!  ;o))

Dr Bill Honigman
Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)
California State Coordinator
and Orange County Chapter Leader

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
Mahatma Gandhi, "Non-Violence in Peace and War"

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