Thursday, March 1, 2012

Letter to Editor: McIntyre & Illegal Aliens, Friday Night Stories, The Daily Smile

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You are cordially invited...

Friday Nite StoriesJoin us as EVFA presents a
Public Works Improvisational Theater Production:
Friday Night Stories
Featuring Jill Holden, Peter Coca, Lee Boek
and (? YOU ?) at the Open Mic.
Friday, March 2nd 8pm
at the Last Bookstore
453 S. Spring Street . Downtown L.A.
Free Admission

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Subject: McIntyre & Illegal Aliens

To the Editor of L.A. Daily News:
      Doug McIntyre makes a clever metaphor about a centipede in his Wed. column, but he appears not to understand the economy of illegal aliens - a great many of whom I treated as a physician for L.A. County. These folk normally work for minimum wage - or less, because employers can get away with it - thus enriching the latter class. They pay taxes, including, indirectly thru rent, property taxes that pay for medical care and education of the poor. Their presence among us drives down wages, exactly what employers want.
     In seven decades the USSR, with a ten-times-longer border than the USA, stopped all but a few individuals from crossing it illegally. If the powers-that-be in our country did not want 11 million illegals here and enforced the employer-sanctions provision, they would be elsewhere. For token show, Obama has won the title of the Great Deporter, while Romney alienates folks hailing from his ancestral Mexico. Anti-immigrant sentiment is being driven by demagoguery from the likes of Pat Buchanan, who must be allergic to mariachi music.  
    Next time Mr. McIntyre should first look into who's in charge of the cash register.
                      Anthony Saidy, M.D.
                       L.A. County Dept. of Health Svcs., Ret.
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daily smile

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