Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's missing in the mailing I just sent you.

Hi.  I left out a critical word and the time framework in my little remembrance of Ray Bradbuty.  The incident at Martindales took place in the heat of the McCarthy era and the papers he was tearing up were all the progressive/leftist papers in the racks. 
I hope the story makes more sense to you, now.  Ray then told me how Mr. Martidale started the book store.  I the depths of the great depression, Walter just set up shop in the alley on the side of the store, selling books and papers he scavenged for.  As the
places went out of business on both sides of the alley, he bought them at rock bottom prices and created the store.  He always remained a hustler at heart and a guy with a lot of guts.  The two guys had know eachother since then.

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