Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vote for Bernie!

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This isn't nepotism. If I didn't agree with the reviewers below and believe Bernie deserves the award, I wouldn't be sending this. 
 Enjoy, and Vote!  -Ed

From: Bernie Pearl []
Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2012 4:11 PM
Subject: Vote for Bernie!

 Click on You Tube icon above to view live performances of three songs found on Bernie Pearl's
"Sittin' on the Right Side of the Blues"
 Hello Blues Pals: We're about to move into the second month of voting for the
2012 Blues Blast Music Awards.
"Sittin' On the Right Side of the Blues" is nominated for
"Best Traditional Recording" award.
 If you haven't already voted, you have until midnight, August 31 to cast your vote, but why wait?
Vote Now: . It's easy to do, it's free, you use your e-mail address, not your name, you will receive Blues Blast e-mag at no cost (you can also opt out), they don't share this information with anyone, you immediately become eligible for free blues gifts, and you can make one dedicated blues guitarist and his bassist, very, very happy. Please read on.

 Mark Thompson, reviewer for the Crossroads Blues Society (Illinois) wrote me:
"You are the only solo act nominated - and the only one performing acoustically. That would indicate that your music really hit home with those people that decide who gets nominated.
I would say that this speaks volumes about your music."

And, indeed, many fans, friends, and Blues Music professionals have voiced their support. I have no idea how the vote stands now, and I don't know if I will ultimately tally the highest number, but if I stop now I will for sure not get to Buddy Guy's in late October to receive the award. Besides, friends, it is truly gratifying to receive notes of recognition for our work, and just asking for your consideration is deeply satisfying.
Here are some quotes from several published reviews of the CD. We're very proud of them:

Stephen A. King, Living Blues
".Pearl's music and voice evoke the unpretentious, truth-telling qualities of the blues... soulful and spiritual. (His) guitar virtuosity is evident..."

Mark C. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (

"...crystal clear evocations of the deepest origins of the blues,
wellsprings Bernie is impeccably schooled in
his guitar work is just stunning ... sophisticated in so many ways that it'd take pages to parse and praise."

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Jim Kanavy, Blues Blast Magazine
"His guitar playing flows like the muddy Mississippi and his voice and vocal style evoke the emotions to match the music. He carries on the blues tradition of taking favorite bits and melding them into something new."

 Joel Fritz, Golden Gate Grooves (S.F.)

"In particular, his slide playing in open tuning is marvelous.

He has a crisp attack, expressive vibrato, and impeccable time.
Pearl has the ability to approach an existing song from his own point of view and make the listener think about it in a different way."

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Mick Rainsford,  Blues in Britain

"Pearl delivers a traditional blues masterclass,

his compelling vocals underpinned by some of the finest guitar picking and slide-work you are ever likely to hear."

Bill Wilson, Billtown Blues Notes (PA)

"Bernie Pearl, in a word, is a master. More than a simple CD, Sitting on the Right Side of the Blues captures a moment in time.a moment that should not be missed by any fan of traditional blues."  

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Mark Thompson, Crossroads Blues Society of Northern Illinois

"His powerful singing continually diverts your attention from his masterful guitar work. Blues lovers who are looking for a more traditional blues sound should snap this one up right away."

Art Johnson, Critic, Teacher, Musician, France

"One of the stellar pieces on the CD for me is Bernie's composition, "Outside Boogie". In my opinion it is one of the most progressive acoustic blues guitar compositions ever written. If Thelonious Monk had played guitar it would have sounded just like this."

Vicente Zumel, La Hora Del Blues, Spain
".deep passion and credibility.he is born to play and live for the blues.something special other musicians are unable to communicate."

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