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8 days . . ., Jill Stein arrested for supplying Keystone XL blockaders

I fully endorse the values, facts and insights in the articles below.  I'd bet both these remarkable women agree.

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Tue Oct 30, 2012


8 days  . .  . .


On this eve of Halloween, it’s wonderful to report that costume shops are experiencing an

unprecedented run on Big Bird, apparently in response to candidate Romney’s vow to

eliminate funding for PBS, the home of Big Bird and the Sesame Street children’s series




A year ago the Center for Responsive Politics documented we have 250 millionaires in our

Congress.  USA Today analyzed the findings and estimated that these politicians have median

incomes “almost 9 times the typical household.”  Apparently 11% of Congress qualifies for

membership in the 1% we’ve been asking to carry more of their fair share.



If you’re reading this and live outside California, keep reading.  A CA state ballot proposition (#35)

appears to support increased criminal penalties for human trafficking. However, this law has

already been enacted in Washington, DC.  Different Avenues, a D.C. organization which assists

sex workers, has had their work critically limited because the new law’s definitions of trafficking  

are very broad.  Black Women For Wellness in Los Angeles found that “Under this proposition an

18-year-old who takes his/her partner out for dinner and a movie and then engages in sex could

be seen as a trafficker.. . It can punish anyone who associates with minor sex workers, even if

their only intent was to give them a ride to the store.”  Once again, a law that will target Black

and Brown youth. 



A caller identifies themselves as an election official, stating that  there is no need for you to go to

the polls because “You qualify to vote by phone.”  Be aware (and be sure that seniors in your family

or apartment building are aware) that no state offers that voting option.




NAACP head Ben Jealous reports that “In the last two years more states have passed more laws

blocking more people from the ballot box than any time since the dawn of Jim Crow.”  41 of our

50 states have had ballot initiatives introduced to restrict voting, and 16 states have passed laws.

But it doesn’t end on Nov 6,2012.  Jealous points out that “Strict voter ID laws in Pennsylvania

and South Carolina, and proof of citizenship laws in Kansas, have only been postponed until 2013,

leaving room for discriminatory practices in future elections.”



The Brennan Center for Justice ( reports at least 180 restrictive voting bills

were introduced since the beginning of 2011 in 41 states.


“14 states have passed restrictive voting laws and executive actions that have the potential to

impact the 2012 election.  These states account for 185 electoral votes, or 68 percent of the

total needed to win the presidency.”  And 14 states had new voter restriction laws blocked or

blunted by the Dept of Justice of other legal entities.  More than 20 challenged restrictive bills are

currently awaiting a court decision.


Which leads us to:



If you’re not up to speed on the bizarre, but constitutionally legal, process of the Electoral

College, and what it means to this election, then hit this Wikipedia site for a fast update: 


Apparently the founding fathers intended for the President and Vice-President to be elected at the

state level.  How could that small group know we would end up with 50 states??  Where were

they in the 2000 election when former Vice-President Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the

election?   Now Gore and many others are pushing for deciding presidential elections according

to the national popular vote.  This change requires a Constitutional Amendment.  The plan,

“National Popular Vote,”  (  has already passed in several state

legislatures and momentum is growing.




Verify that you are properly registered.  In California this is the County’s domain. For Los Angeles

County go to or call 562/ 466-1323  or 1-800-815-2666. 


Bring acceptable I.D.:  photo ID, driver’s license, passport, school ID with photo, or a non-photo

ID that has your name and address on it, i.e. a pay stub or phone bill.


Mark your sample ballot at home and bring it with you, or bring a cheat sheet with your decisions.


Attire -- In many states wearing visible candidate stuff to the polls -- buttons, hats, T-shirts,

banners --- is considered “electioneering,” and you may be asked to remove it.





            INSIDE THE BALLOT BOX -- Quiz #3: 

            What is the number of the Constitutional Amendment that guaranteed non-Whites

            the right to vote?


             {Answer to 15 days Quiz :  Cong. Barbara Jordan (1936-1996) headed the impeachment

              hearings against Pres. Richard Nixon.  She was the first African-American elected to the

              Texas Senate since Reconstruction, and the first Black female from the South elected to

              the U.S. House of Representatives.



in Harold Washington’s memory . . .


S. Pearl Sharp  


 * * *


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BREAKING: Jill Stein arrested for supplying...
Julie Levine 11:32am Oct 31
BREAKING: Jill Stein arrested for supplying Keystone XL blockaders
Posted by Jill Stein for President 2581.80pc on October 31, 2012 · Flag
This report is from our friends at the Tar Sands Blockade in Winnsboro, Texas, this just in. A campaign statement is coming shortly.

***UPDATE 10:30AM – In Winnsboro, Dr. Jill Stein has been arrested, taken to Wood County Jail, and is awaiting processing. The freelance reporter has been released from detainment without arrest or charge.

A statement from Dr. Jill Stein:

“I’m here to connect the dots between super storm Sandy and the record heat, drought, and fire we've seen this year – and this Tar Sands pipeline, which will make all of these problems much worse. And I’m here to connect the dots between climate devastation and pipeline politicians – both Obama and Romney – who are competing, as we saw in the debates, for the role of Puppet In Chief for the fossil fuel industry. Both deserve that title. Obama’s record of “drill baby drill” has gone beyond the harm done by George Bush. Mitt Romney promises more of the same.”
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BREAKING: Jill Stein arrested for supplying Keystone XL blockaders
***UPDATE 10:30AM – In Winnsboro, Dr. Jill Stein has been arrested, taken to Wood County Jail, and i...

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