Monday, October 8, 2012

How the Right Packed the Court

The Supreme Court has just opened its session with Afirmative Action and other critical issues on its agenda.
Since the 2000 election was gifted to George W. Bush and Citzens United in this one, its become clear that
the Court has arrogated to itself controls not voted upon by congress or even mentioned in the Constitution.
With 4 justices over 70, who will choose the next generation of the court becomes a central question. 
The Nation magazine has devoted this issue to the subject with a number of aspects addressed in essays,
noted and available by click-ons, at the bottom.  I chose this one and Jamie Raskin's, tomorrow, to engage you.
How the Right Packed the Court


Bill Moyers and Bernard A. Weisberger: "The 1 Percent Court"
Jamie Raskin: "Citizens United and the Corporate Court"
Dahlia Lithwick: "One Nation by and for the Corporations"
Michael Greenberger: "The Roberts Court and Wall Street"
Craig Becker and Judith Scott: "Isolating America's Workers"
Herman Schwartz: "Rewriting Antitrust Law"
Sherrilyn Ifill: "A Court Out of Touch"
Nan Aron: "The Way Forward"

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