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Racism at UCSD, March Forth on March 4th at UCLA

Amy Goodman interviews and covers the UCSD situation described
here on today's Democracy Now. Check it out. -Ed

From: nancy buchanan
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2010 10:54 AM
Subject: Fwd: Racism at UCSD!!! Please read – I wrote this for you

You probably already know about this--Hope we can support the faculty and
students at UCSD.

Begin forwarded message:

Dear friends, family and community near and far,

Some of you may have heard about the recent, overtly racist incidents down
here at UCSD, and others may know of the thinly veiled, pervasive racism
that has long been a part of the UCSD climate (although none of you warned
me- thanks a lot!!) So I'm writing with a weather report of sorts, to let
everyone know what's been going on here and also to reach out to my greater
community for support and solidarity.

Basically some white fraternity boys held a very stupid, very racist party.
The theme was a "Compton cook-out" in facetious "honor" of Black history
month - complete with a very explicit, degrading, misogynistic e-mail
invitation explaining how party goers should dress and act (and what they
would eat) at this event. In case you thought maybe racism has gotten more
creative in 2010 - don't worry it's the same old black face foolery. As the
invitation was leaked the UC community voices of dissent, hurt and outrage
poured in from students, staff and faculty, who are already of course all
too aware of the racist and homogeneous culture at UCSD. This was followed
by even more hateful words and actions as talks of a "Compton cook-out II"
were had, and on a student run (UC sanctioned) TV station a note was posted
reading "Compton lynching." It is action time.

After discussing these issues with my students (and encouraging them to
participate in the teach-in/walk-out yesterday) I felt that many of them, as
well as many grad students, remained somewhat apathetic so I composed the
following statement which I would like to share:

"...regarding the recent events of racism in our community, and more
importantly the general climate of oppression that many students struggle
with on the daily. Students and faculty of all different races and economic
backgrounds, women, queer folks, religious minorities, and people of many
diverse walks of life consistently feel displaced, ignored, misunderstood,
trivialized, and unwelcome at UCSD! If you don't know what I'm talking about
or have never felt this way, I encourage you to talk to your fellow peers -
because many, many people have had very real experiences that they can share
with you. If you have never felt the ramifications of these issues, or if
you think that racism is a thing of the past, then you are living in a state
of privilege and are lucky that you don't have to contend with these issues
as you pursue your educational goals. But you will do a great service to
yourself and others if you take time to investigate/question the ways in
which racism/sexism/homophobia impact our entire community, and learn to be
an ally. I have seen you all think critically about all sorts of complicated
issues in class and hope you will continue to be sharply, radically,
critical of our institution... and world. If you have any questions or want
to discuss this with me - holler!

Sincerely, Sadie Barnette"

Below is a great website that the students rushed to get up - with all the
facts, links to news stories that butcher the story to varying degrees, and
also you can read some great letters from professors and allies. But the
most articulate discussion of the matter I have heard comes from the
undergraduate Black Student Union students, who with a constant systematic
analysis, held the administration accountable and reiterated a list of
demands to improve the "diversity" and climate within UCSD. The Black
population at UCSD is 1.3%. At the core of the BSU's standpoint is also a
deep sense of unity with all other marginalized, underrepresented,
disenfranchised groups on campus, making ties to UCSD's historic black brown
unity movement, to the LGBT communitie's struggles for space and funding, to
the Native American population (hello- UCSD is built on sacred burial
grounds). I am so proud of our young Black leaders, having moved beyond the
(justified) emotional state of trauma into an organized, mobilized force.
The BSU has called a state of emergency for our community. Although the
daily struggles of alienation, stereotyping, erasure and dismissal continue
to be a part of the social and academic lives of students of color on
campus, at least right now silence is no longer the symptom.

For more info/news and opinions:

March 4th is a day of action on campus (details soon) - to keep education
public, and this will also be an opportunity to address systemic problems of
racism at UCSD. If you are here at UCSD let's all represent and show a
Visual Arts presence, for real. "Public culture" anyone??? If you live in LA
consider coming down in support. You know you want to visit me anyway!

Thanks yall!
In love and struggle,

(FEEL FREE to forward)


Check out the enormous list of endorsers at the bottom, which will be
reflected in initiatives to reduce the Calif. Legislature passage of our
budget from a 2/3 vote to majority. And that's a step towards the same
change for tax issues, the ultimate solution for education, as well as
health, infrastructure and much more, for our most regressive state. -Ed

From: Judy Branfman
Sent: Sunday, February 28, 2010 8:58 PM

MARCH 4TH ACTIVITIES at UCLA - please pass the word on

Hi -
As you know the huge changes to the UC system that are being proposed and
implemented are undermining the kind of educational opportunities that will
be available to future generations (students are already leaving school
because they can't afford the higher tuitions) - so please take some time
and join us in speaking out on these critical issues:

Day of Action for Public Education!
No Cuts! No Furloughs! No Fee Hikes!

*** If you can't make it, tune in for live coverage all day on KPFK-FM at ***

7-11 am. Picketing at Sunset & Bellagio.

11:30 am. Student Walkout.

12 noon. Rally at Bruin Plaza.

1:00 pm: There will be a march through campus after the rally.

3:00 - 4:00 pm: Teach-In - Powell Library, outside steps

4:30 pm: Rally at Bruin Plaza. Outside people from the educational
community will be attending as well as the UCLA community (this is one of
UTLA members' four rallies citywide).

5:30 pm: There will be a march after the rally.

UCLA Fights Back Coalition Demands for March 4th -
(1) Lower Fees, Rescind Program Cuts, and Stop the Privatization of UCLA!

(2) End Racist and Anti-Immigrant Policies and Practices at UCLA!

(3) Institute Full Administrative Transparency and Democratic Participation
in Campus-wide Decision-making!

(4) Reverse the Worker Layoffs and Furloughs!


Statewide Coalition of University Employees
Statewide UPTE
Solidarity Alliance at UCB
General Assembly at UCB
CFT: CA Federation of Teachers

United Teachers Los Angeles: The largest teachers local in CA
AFSCME Local 444: East Bay Municipal Utility District
AFT 1021: Part of United Teachers LA, represents over 10,000
California Labor Federation: represents over 2 million workers in unions
California Faculty Association [CFA]: CSU Faculty Union, representing the
23,000 professors, librarians, etc.
Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC)
Carpenters Local 713
CDPH Inter Union Organizing Committee: SEIU 1000, Stationary Engineers 39,
Oakland Education Association (OEA): Representing 2,800 teachers, counselors
and librarians

Association of Raza Educators
San Francisco Labor Council
California State University Employees Union
California Teachers Association
Coalition for Equal Quality Education, Boston, MA
United Educators of San Francisco
Third World Assembly at UCB

Oakland AFT 771: Representing part-time / hourly Oakland adult education
CUNY Campaign to Defend Education
Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS)
The national student Coordinating Committee of United Students Against
Sweatshops (USAS)
California State University Employees Union: Representing 16,000 classified
staff members across the CSU's 23 campuses

Academic Professionals of California: Representing over 2,000 non-faculty
professionals in the CSU system, such as EOP Counselors, Finanial Aid
Counselors, Academic Support Staff, Housing Staff, Evaluators, and
Credential Analysts
California Partnership/Stop the Cuts Coalition
The Mount Diablo High School Site Action Council
Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights
and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)

SEIU 1021: Representing over 55,000 workers
International Socialist Organization
California Prison Moratorium Project
Rouge Forum
Bay Area United Against War
The 2009 National Assembly of US Labor Against the War
Peralta Federation of Teachers

Facebook page:

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