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Important Commen from Joseph Maizlish, Re: James Hansen: Game Over for the Climate

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Subject: Re: James Hansen: Game Over for the Climate

Hansen's proposed carbon tax including the novel provision for distribution of 100% of the revenue raised directly to the public, takes care of several problems: First, it dissolves the conflict with the (for the present) automobile captive commuting public, who naturally fear being unprotected from the effrect of a tax on their fuel costs. Second, it relies on market cues and entrepeneurship to lead investment in non-petroleum energy -- in contrast to the current subsidy-dependent situation.

Thus it's attractive in several ways.
Thanks for sending it out.

Here is the operative paragraph from this morning's emailing and the URL of the original.
The situation is indeed dire, and Joe is right on target.  This is one to pass on to many,
or at least to consider.  I've added another, which should inspire all to act accordingly. -Ed
"We need to start reducing emissions significantly, not create new ways to increase them. We should impose a gradually rising carbon fee, collected from fossil fuel companies, then distribute 100 percent of the collections to all Americans on a per-capita basis every month. The government would not get a penny. This market-based approach would stimulate innovation, jobs and economic growth, avoid enlarging government or having it pick winners or losers. Most Americans, except the heaviest energy users, would get more back than they paid in increased prices. Not only that, the reduction in oil use resulting from the carbon price would be nearly six times as great as the oil supply from the proposed pipeline from Canada, rendering the pipeline superfluous, according to economic models driven by a slowly rising carbon price."
Game Over for the Climate
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Subject: Re: James Hansen: Game Over for the Climate

Thanks, Ed. I actually used this one in class yesterday. Alas, my students do not read, and didn't know who Hansen was. They seemed not to alarmed, but then again there is so much for them to take in. Great piece.


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