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Jackie Goldberg's "Final Take" - Judges, etc.

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This is my final take on these June Primary races. Don't forget to vote. With "open primaries" now
the Law in California, much mischief can happen when only Republicans vote. Republicans will vote
because of the Presidential Primary, but Democrats much show up to prevent catastrophic right-wing
influence on the outcomes. So vote early and vote often (just kidding), but be sure to vote June 5th!

As always, you may receive this more than once, for which I apologize.

Warmest regards, Jackie g.

Los Angeles County District Attorney: 

In my first email to all of you, I suggested that I would vote for Jackie Lacey for District Attorney.  But having now heard more about Danette E. Meyers, I am moving in her direction.  I think that Meyers is NOT supportive of the death penalty, and that is making me change towards her.  Both are African American women, and each would be the first to hold the D.A.’s position as such.  I think I will go with Danette E. Meyers, but either way, they would each be the best in the current field of six for this office.


Remember: YES on Prop. 28; YES on Prop. 29, YES on Measure H; and YES on Measure L.


Nonpartisan Judicial—Judge of the Superior Court

Office #3—Sean Coen and Craig Gold, and Laurence N. Kaldor all seem OK.  In the final analysis, I will vote for Laurence N. Kaldor.  On his website, Craig Gold does seem quite

committed to economic justice, but Kaldor is connected to the Harriet Buhai Legal Center, a very progressive group that looks out for those who usually cannot get legal assistance.  In spite of the fact that most of my sources are going with Craig Gold, the Buhai connection moves me to vote for Laurence N. Kaldor.


Office #10—There is general agreement from all my sources that the candidate to support is Sanjay T. Kumar, and I will vote for Judge Kumar to remain on the bench.


Office #38—Here again, general agreement is to keep Lynn Diane Olson on the bench.  I will vote to do so.


Office # 65Shannon Knight is my pick here, though some suggest Andrea C. Thompson.  However Andrea is endorsed by Tony Strickland, a right-wing Republican I served with in the legislature, so Shannon Knight gets my nod.


Office #78—Everyone I consult agrees that Judge James D. Otto deserves to be returned to the bench again, and I will be voting for him as well.


Office #114Eric Harmon and Ben M. Brees both look very good.  But Harmon has a “well qualified” rating from the CA Bar committee and from Stonewall Dems., so I will go with Eric Harmon this time.


Democratic Party Central Committee  A person can vote for up to 7 people on these lists which are on your ballot depending on what Assembly District you live in.  I have a few recommendations for the greater L.A. area, but not too many other than for my own 51st Assembly District.  These positions become important when it comes to endorsements for local, state, and national offices, and for endorsements for ballot measures as well.  So, here goes:


51st Assembly District  Central Committee:  I will vote for:

Edgar Garcia

Cecilia Cabello

Laura Barrera

Christopher Arellano

Robert Nakahiro

Heather Repenning

Angel Porras

Go get 'em, team! Their mix of experience and sustained energy will advance the causes of equal rights and closing the inequality gaps in our city, our district, and our state. 


38th Assembly District Central Committee:  I highly recommend:

Kristin Ingram-Worthington


Krisitin is a hard-working, progressive Democrat, who will have both the experience and the

political savvy to help shape politics in this valley area of L.A.


54th Assembly District Central Committee:  I highly recommend”


Jimmie Woods-Gray



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