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Hello Everyone.

I am still working on the Judges and on some of the District County Committees, but here are my current thoughts on the June 5 Primary:

President of the United States:  Though I am a supporter of the President, and plan to actively support his re-election bid this Fall, I want him to feel pressure from the Left, not just from the Right, Far-Right, and Tea-baggers.  So, in the Primary, and ONLY IN THE PRIMARY, I will leave the office blank because for President, it is a Party primary, and if you are registered as a Democrat, Barak Obama will be the only name on the ballot in June.

United States Senate:  Marsha Feinland (Peace and Freedom):  While I will vote for Senator Feinstein for U.S. Senate in November, if she is in any risk of

losing, I will vote Peace and Freedom as a protest to Sen. Feinstein’s corporatist positions on an endless number of issues.  But she is better than any Republican likely to give her a contest, so I will use the Primary ballot to indicate my displeasure with her voting record.

United States Representative (House of Representatives):  The list below is NOT all inclusive, and I will highlight the races where I have actually made an Endorsement, after candidates met with me and my Kitchen Cabinet.

District 24        Lois Capps
District 25        Lee Rogers
District 26        Julia Brownley (Endorsed)
District 27        Judy Chu (Endorsed)

District 28        Adam Schiff—This is a new District for me to live in, again without moving.  Adam Schiff has been a tremendous disappointment in his previous District which was lest progressive than the current re-districted 28th.  I will probably vote for Schiff anyway, just in case the Republicans are tricky and cross over to vote for one of his Democratic Party opponents.


District 29        Richard Valdez

District 30        Howard Berman - both he and Brad Sherman have been pretty good and pretty bad over the years, I just feel closer to Howard because of his longtime association with CFT, and because he helped me in my very first campaign for school board in 1982—one of only two elected officials who endorsed me at that time.

District 31        Take your pick among the Democrats

District 32        Grace Napolitano
District 33        Henry Waxman
District 34        Xavier Becerra (Endorsed)
District 35        No recommendation
District 37        Karen Bass (Endorsed)
District 38        Linda Sanchez
District 39        Jay Chen
District 40        Lucille Roybal-Allard
District 43        Maxine Waters
District 44        No recommendation
District 47        Alan Lowenthal

District 51        Denise Moreno Ducheny (Endorsed)—In San Diego, Ducheny is running against fellow Democrat, Juan Vargas.  Both were in Sacramento when I was there.  Unfortunately, Vargas is a good vote on union issues, but voted against Marriage Equality and Domestic Partners in the Assembly when I was there as well.  He also is backed by corporate interests that make him suspect in the House of

Representatives.  If I could vote in San Diego, I would definitely vote for Denise Ducheny in this race.

District 52        Lori Saldana would be the best to beat Brian Bilbray, the Republican Incombent.  Give her a chance to do so by voting for her in the Primary.

District 53         Susan Davis—is one of my UC Berkeley roommates, and a fine woman and legislator already in Congress.  I urge you to re-elect her.



Los Angeles County Measures H and L—I am voting YES on H and YES on L.

  Measure L continues the current Hotel Occupancy Tax which is primarily paid by visitors to Los Angeles.  This tax pays for general county services such as parks, libraries, emergency shelters, etc.

  Measure H continues the current Landfill tax which is paid by waste disposal companies and others who dump in the County landfills.  The taxes are General fund resources, and pay for anything in the county budget including those mentioned in Measure L above, as well as senior services, law enforcement and so on.


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